FAQ – General


How can I book a dive?

You can contact us via Email, Viber, WhatsApp, SMS, Contact Form on this website, Facebook, phone call, or just drop by the dive centre. We do prefer the written kind of contact just to have it documented. Sometimes the person you contact is currently diving and so cannot answer the phone but can reply to a message as soon as the dive is finished. All bookings must be confirmed by the staff or are not valid and you won’t have a spot on the boat reserved.

When should I come to the dive centre?

You should come one hour before your dive to have enough time to fill out the paperwork and prepare the equipment.

When does the boat leave?

The boat leaves at 10:00 for the first dive of the day, at 12:30 for the second dive of the day, and at 14:30 for the third dive of the day, unless otherwise stated by the dive centre staff.

How long is the journey to the dive site?

This depends on the dive type. For reef dives it is a 5-20min drive, for wreck dives it is a 35min-2h drive, and for the National park ‘Brijuni’ it is a 40min drive.

What do I need to bring with me?

Swimwear, a towel, a bottle of water, and any personal diving equipment you want to use. For the colder months and windy days, we also recommend a winter cap to protect your ears and sinuses.

Is lunch included?

No. But we do have some very tasty cookies.

Do you offer transfers from/to hotels/apartments?

Unfortunately, no. You can use the public bus service or a taxi.

Is there parking available near the dive centre?


Is there a toilet or shower nearby?

Yes. There are toilets and hot-water showers about 50m from the dive centre.

Can I eat before a dive?

Having a light breakfast or lunch before a dive is fine but you should avoid eating heavy meals for at least one hour before a dive. Fatty and sour foods can also sometimes cause some indigestion while diving.

Can I drink alcohol before diving?

No. Alcohol is not recommended before a dive. It is also recommended that heavy drinking should be avoided the evening before.

How soon can I fly after a dive?

It depends on the type and number of dives. You can fly 12 hours after one Discovery or Try Scuba dive with a maximum depth of 6m. But 24 hours is the recommended amount to wait after longer and deeper dives. When in doubt, wait 24 hours.

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