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What is SSI?

SSI or Scuba Schools International is one of the leading diving associations that offer a variety of recreational, technical, and professional training courses.

SSI started in 1970 with a vision of making it possible for anyone to learn to dive. With more than 3,300 Training Centers in over 130 countries and 50,000 plus Professionals, it is easy to go diving with SSI wherever you choose. SSI´s Digital Learning platform makes training easy, fun, and possible to study anytime, anywhere either on your mobile device or computer in more than 30 languages.

SSI´s training programs are globally recognized, and ISO certified. A progressive approach to personalized training and close cooperation of all SSI affiliated Professionals and Training Centres and Resorts around the world ensures you will get the best training possible!

How do I get certified – become a scuba diver?

To become a certified scuba diver, you must finish the Open Water Diver course which is the first course on your journey to becoming a proficient diver. Personalized training is combined with in-water practice sessions to ensure you have the skills and experience required to become truly comfortable underwater.

How long does it take to get certified?

It varies from course to course. The Open Water Diver is a minimum of 4 days, specialty courses are 1-3 days, emergency training is a minimum of 3-6 days, and more advanced courses are 6+ days.

What do I do after my Open Water Diver certification?

The next step is to choose specialty courses you like that will expand your knowledge and skills in specific areas. You can tailor your learning path based on what you like best. As you keep collecting these, SSI will issue recognition cards accordingly: 2 specialty courses completed and 12 logged dives -> Specialty Diver recognition card, 4 specialty courses completed and logged 24 dives -> Advanced Open Water Diver recognition card, 5 specialty courses completed and 50 logged dives -> Master Diver recognition card, and so on.

Does my certification ever expire?

No. Your certification is valid for life, but it is a good idea to renew the knowledge and skills if you haven’t used them in some time. This can be with a check dive or SSI Scuba Skills Update.

Do I need to know/ do anything before starting a course?

You should get a medical certification from a doctor of sport/diving medicine that says you are fit to dive prior to starting any course. Knowing how to swim, especially with fins, is crucial and will help you if you have prior knowledge. Otherwise, you will improve it prior to starting any scuba skills during your first course. However, you must be able to swim if you want to learn to scuba dive.

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