The island Fenoliga is paleontological reserve. On the southern side of the island is one of the richest sites of dinosaur footprints in Europe. The traces belong to three-toed bipedal dinosaur and oval prints belong to four-legged dinosaur.

The bottom gradually descends for 20 m where it turns into a vertical wall going of as 40 m of depth. This wall is interesting for divers because of its rich flora and fauna and numerous remains of broken amphora. The wall is filled with holes, cracks and crevices, overgrown with small sea fans, corals and sponges. It is exceptionally rich in fish. Its permanent inhabitants mostly include congers, scorpion fish, lobsters, crabs. You may even be lucky enough to come across a pod of dolphins.

Because of strong currents, this diving location is reserved for more experienced divers.

  • Distance from diving centre: 60 min
  • Max depth: 40 m
  • Min depth: 2 m